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Quinta do Noval 2018 Vintage

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Stor årgang men lille mængde – kun 19.200 fl. produceret !!

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Quinta do Noval Vintage Port is characterised by its purity of fruit and a fine, delicate quality that is typical of the wines of the property in general, but which finds its most remarkable and enduring expression in the Vintage Ports.
Equilibrium, harmony, finesse and elegance characterise our great Vintage Ports, which are declared only when we are certain that the year has produced a blend, however small, that is worthy of bearing the name of Quinta do Noval Vintage Port.
Noval follows its own path in its approach to Vintage Port. If we believe that we have wines of the quality and personality to join the ranks of the Quinta do Noval Vintage Ports of previous years, we will bottle it and declare it, even if this means declaring several years in a row, and even if it means, as is often the case, bottling only a few hundred cases of Quinta do Noval Vintage Port, representing a tiny percentage of the total production of the Quinta.
Of course, in very great years, when there is unanimity among Port producers, and a General Declaration results, Quinta do Noval will declare its wine also, and perhaps with a little more wine than usual. But whatever the year, the standards of selection in the Noval tasting room are extremely rigorous, and even in the more generous years volumes of our Vintage Ports are always extremely small: at the very most, up to 15% of the production of our great vineyard terroir.
In the case of 2018, the selection of 1600 cases represents only 7% of our production.

CHARACTERISTICS OF THE 2018 VINTAGE After a dry winter, 2018 was marked by very cold temperatures and high rainfall until mid-summer, and a hot, dry end of summer. Budbreak started late in good conditions. Following a long, summery period, high temperatures and water stress were optimum for the anthocyanic richness of the skins and ideal ripening of the grapes. The sanitary state of the grapes was excellent at harvest time. The harvest took place from 5 September to 13 October in good weather conditions, with high temperatures and no rain. It produced high quality wines with good levels of sugar, acidity and phenolic compounds. The Ports are exceptional with remarkable finesse.

GRAPE VARIETIES Touriga Nacional, Touriga Francesa, Tinto Cão, Sousão

VINIFICATION Grapes are trodden by foot to obtain the must, then they macerate in the lagares, the traditional stone vats from the Quinta, to ensure the best possible extraction of aromas, colour and tannins during fermentation.

MATURING It is matured for 18 months in wooden casks in the air-conditioned cellars of the Quinta, at the demarcated region of the Douro Valley before bottling.

TASTING NOTE The wine is wonderfully ripe, full and exuberant, spicy on the nose, with very fine long tannins and a classic Noval purity and elegance.

WINES ANALYSES SERVING TEMPERATURE Alcohol: 19.5% 15ºC-17ºC Residual sugar: 100 g/dm³ Total acidity: 4.8 g/dm³ Ph: 3.58

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